Through a form, created with a “google sheet”, where each user will have to request access with their google e-mail, preferably gmail, use “TEST” page to enter the data of their BAL Player.
At the end, the captain will copy the data into the personal page of the team.
In case of violation of one or more parameters, you will be notified by the system of the error and asked to correct it.
We recommend the use of google sheets via PC or through app on mobile devices.


For info and registration join our official discord:

Click here and follow steps


Match duration: 15 Min.
Injuries: No.
Time: Clear & Night.
Grass lenght: Normal.
Legendary player: Yes
Any player: No
Subs: (No as default)
Extra time: Only final stage.
Penalty: Only final stage.
Team choice: Any 


Only one “restart bonus” for each team is allowed.
It is possible to request a restart of the match in one of the following cases:

  • Hosting match settings errors (Weather, teams, duration, choose wrong bal player, etc..).
  • Player disconnection, within the 10th minute, on the result of 0-0.
  • Excessive lag (If the captains agree on the detected issue, the restart bonus is considered like “not consumed”.


Discord: #match-deal section of β€’πŸ€β€’ π˜½π˜Όπ™‡ π˜Ύπ™π™‹ β€’πŸ€β€’

To help you we have assigned “Captain role” and the name of the team


If you are logged in to discord and have enabled your account you should be able to see the sections necessary to report the results, otherwise follow these steps.

Use #match-result section, follow to communicate the results:

– Click on , wait for the ticket page (e.g #ticket-0001) and proceed with the communications of the results following the illustrated scheme in #match-result.

In case of problems use the other sections.


Respect of the rules is required by all users. 

The spirit of the rules is not to limit the users freedom, but is aimed at the protection of the same.

Be calm, even if they disagree on certain issues.

There is no problem or situation that cannot be resolved peacefully even in the scenario in which the issue in question has not previously been regulated.

It is forbidden to use words or languages ​​aimed at mocking opponents, moderators and administrators under penalty of exclusion from the tournament and in the worst cases a temporary / permanent ban;

Sarcastic, mocking, sacrilegious, disparaging comments and insults against insitutions or religion of any faith are prohibited;

Multiple account (with different nicknames), and inscription with nicknames difficult to identify are prohibited;

Spam and illegal requests are prohibited in each group.

To ensure the orderly and correct conduct of the tournaments, any decision regarding the interpretation and application of these regulations is delegated exclusively to the Tournament Administrators, who will also take the necessary disciplinary measures, including the ouster of participants who have seriously violated the Rules or in any case put in place improper conduct and contrary to the playful and recreational spirit of the game.


Violation of one of the following rules can results in a 3-0 defeat.

  • Use a not registered BAL Player.
  • Use BAL Player with mismatched values.
    (Check if your BAL Player stats have been reported correctly by admins)
  • Use BAL Player in a different position.
    (e.g: CB can play left or right, but not as LB/RB, always CB)
  • GK body-block during free-kick it’s not allowed.
  • Rules of Conduct violation.
  • Insult or vulgarity as Jersey Name.
  • Be late of more than 15 minutes. (Obbligatory start the match 15′ minute to avoid defeat).
  • Be less than 8 players (Maximum 3 player managed by COM).
  • Match postponing with less than 24 hours notice.
  • Postponing match twice.
  • Hosting match settings errors twice.


Single group.
Round trip match.
Match-time: 22:00 CET*

  • MATCHDAY 1 – 23/08 – 25/08
  • MATCHDAY 2 – 26/08 – 29/08
  • MATCHDAY 3 – 30/08 – 01/08
  • MATCHDAY 4 – 02/08 – 05/08
  • MATCHDAY 5 – 06/08 – 08/08
  • MATCHDAY 6 – 09/08 – 12/08
  • MATCHDAY 7 – 13/08 – 15/08

*Captains can deal different time/day, time/date are fixed in the event only if the two parties do not agree to an agreement.


  • Winning team players will receive the “Vip Member” title for the championship (Expected with next game).
  • Winning team captain and Tournament MVP will be mentioned in a news!
  • Hall of Fame.