Do you want to show off your physical power like Koulibaly? Or, just like Mbappè, your secret weapon will also be a disruptive speed !? Perhaps your ace in the hole will be, instead, an unrivaled kEVIN De Bruyne class !? Maybe you will surprise everyone and get the title of best goalkeeper!?

Win laziness, give full rein to your passion, become the player you always wanted to choose on the pitch!

Click here to see the rules and constraints chosen for the creation of the legendary player.

At the bottom of the link you can use a video tutorial that explains how to make your own legendary player in less than 20 minutes.


Through an online form, very easy to use, each captain will be able to report the data of the BAL Player of your team.
In case of parameters violation, you will be notified by the system.
It is recommended to use it via PC or via a dedicated app available on mobile devices.
The file will be shared with the captain following registration.


Fill out the form to register your team for competitions.
Maximum time to deliver list and Bal players 25/09/2021.
Remember to provide a Gmail in the registration form!


In order to organize matches, report results and communicate with administrators, you need to join the discord group.
Click here and follow the instructions to apply for permits.



Our goal is to bring each team into the division of their own Nation, not to divide, but to optimize the organization and improve the game experience especially during any international cups.
In order to create the exclusive division, however, it is necessary to register by a number of teams equal to 8 from the same country.
If this is not possible, the teams will, of course, be placed in classic divisions.


Considering that is the first season it is necessary to proceed with a pre-season which will establish, in a meritocratic way, based on the placement in the standings, the future placement of each team in the upper/lower division (Always called BAL CUP).

START: 04/10/2021 (we will play with Pes21 until Road to Glory it is released in eFootball)
END: 16/01/2022 PS4/PS5 - 31/12/2021 PC
GROUPS: 6/8 Teams
MODALITY: Round trip match (Not in the same matchday)
MATCH: To differentiate from the usual tournaments and give a semblance of the championship there is only one game per week.
MATCHDAY & TIME: The two teams will have 7 days to decide, jointly, the day and time of the match!*
* If the captains do not reach an agreement, the match must be played on Wednesday at 22:30 CET (21:30 on BAL CUP 4 PC Edition)







Match duration: 15 Min.
Injuries: No.
Time: Clear & Night.
Grass lenght: Normal.
Legendary player: Yes
Any player: No
Subs: No
Extra time: No
Penalty: No
Team choice: Any 
COM Level: Superstar


Only one “restart bonus” for each team is allowed.
It is possible to request a restart of the match in one of the following cases:

- Hosting match settings errors (Weather, teams, duration, choose wrong bal player, etc..).
- Player disconnection, within the 10th minute, on the result of 0-0.
- Excessive lag (If the captains agree on the detected issue, the restart bonus is considered like “not consumed”.


Can use Discord: #match-deal della sezione •🏆• 𝙋𝙍𝙀𝙈𝙄𝙐𝙈 𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙂𝙐𝙀 •🏆• 

To help you we have assigned the "captain role".



The obligation to report the result falls on the captain of the winning team.
In the event of a tie, the obligation falls on the captain of the team that was at home.
Any other form of reporting results (Confusing text messages or screenshots will be completely ignored and you will receive a warning)
(Dead line to report results: Tuesday 23:59 CET, 48 hours).


Click on match-results


Click on Create Ticket and wait for the ticket page (e.g #ticket-0028, see STEP 3)


Paste link of the video and press "enter".



Best XI will be published every Wednesday.
The results reported late or incorrectly will not be taken into consideration for the purposes of the statistics and will be updated beyond the dead line (see previous paragraph).
The captains are advised to report the results exactly as shown in the previous paragraph in respect of captains, players and administrators.


The violation of one of the following rules can determine, based on the severity, forfait (3-0) or the restart of the match starting from the result of 0-0.

- Be less than 7 players. (Forfait 3-0)
- NNot show up for the game. (Forfait 3-0) 
- Use a not registered BAL Player (Forfait 3-0) 

Each violation carries 1 warning to the team that committed it.
After 2 yellow cards the team will receive as a penalty the subtraction of 1 point in the standings.

- Insult or vulgarity as Jersey Name.
- Be late of more than 15 minutes.
- Use BAL Player in a different position. (e.g: CB can play left or right, but not as LB/RB, always CB)
- Hosting match settings errors twice.
- Select the classic player instead of the BAL Player.
- Report results incorrectly.
- Rules of Conduct violation.
- Missing match result video.


- Each member is required to respect all written and unwritten ethical rules.
- The spirit of the rules is not to limit the freedom of thought of those who participate but to protect the participants.
- The discussions and the expressions to be used must always be calm, even if they disagree on certain issues.
- There is no problem or situation that cannot be resolved peacefully, even in the scenario in which the issue in question has not previously been regulated.
- It is forbidden to use words or languages ​​aimed at mocking opponents, moderators and administrators under penalty of exclusion from the tournament and, in the worst cases, a temporary / permanent ban;
- Sarcastic, mocking, sacrilegious and disparaging comments are prohibited;
- Prohibit offenses against the institutions or the religion of any faith;
- Multi subscriptions (with different PSN / XBOX / GAME IDs).
- No spam and / or requests within the Discord server, which do not concern the purpose of the same.

To ensure the orderly and correct conduct of the tournaments, any decision regarding the interpretation and application of these regulations is left exclusively to the tournament administrators.
They will also provide for the necessary disciplinary measures, including the ouster of participants who have seriously violated the Rules or in any case engaged in improper conduct that is contrary to the playful and recreational spirit of the game. 


- 1st Place: "Vip Member" to the whole team for the championship following the Pre-Season.
- 2nd Place: Nr. 6 "VIP members" for the whole championship following the Pre-Season to be assigned to 6 team members.
- 3rd Place: Nr. 3 "VIP members" for the whole championship following the Pre-Season to be assigned to 3 team members.
- The placement in the standings will also determine the placement of the team in the upper / lower division.
- Major prizes will be expected with the championships.

! The championship will probably start in March 2022, when Road to Glory will be released (hopefully sooner)!

Good luck for the Pre-Season!